Four Benefits of Dermal Fillers

When your wrinkle cream fails you, what’s your backup plan? For many  men and women who have been frustrated with the results of the aging process,  and the products that are supposed to slow it down, there is an alternative  that truly works. Dermal fillers have been getting a lot of attention lately as  a practical way to prolong your youthful good looks and  stop buying all of those expensive over-the-counter products. If you’re not  familiar with what dermal  fillers can do for you, it’s time you learned about their many impressive  benefits as a way to delay aging and fight both wrinkles and lost volume.

Say Goodbye to Recovery Time

Most facial rejuvenation procedures require downtime of  varying lengths, sometimes over a month. While those procedures have their own  benefits, many patients choose the nonsurgical alternative of dermal fillers to  get their results without a long recovery time. Dermal filler treatments are  typically under 30 minutes, involving a topical numbing agent and a few  injections wherever needed. While you may experience a small amount of redness,  bruising, or tightness near these  injections, these side effects will clear up on their own within a couple  of days. In the meantime, you won’t even be asked to take a power nap before  you get on with your day!

Say Hello to Instant Results

Another perk to the dermal filler injections is their  immediate effect. These products are designed to plump up the deflated areas  beneath wrinkles and diminish the appearance of lines and creases. They can  also be used to add volume to  your cheeks, forehead, and even your lips, wherever it may be needed to reverse  any signs of age on your face. The treatment itself is quick and simple,  leaving you with results you’ll start to notice before you even leave the room.  The full effects of your dermal filler treatment will emerge throughout the  next couple of days and you should see the final result once all the swelling  has gone down.

This quick result, combined with the no-downtime feature of  dermal fillers, makes this procedure a great choice for those who need a fast  turnaround for a special event. They are also great for men and women who have  busy lifestyles and cannot commit to long waiting times for their results to  appear and their bodies to heal.

Enjoy a Low-Risk Treatment

There’s no such thing as a procedure, surgery, or treatment  that does not carry even the slightest risk for complications. The key to  minimizing these risks is to choose a surgeon wisely and match the right  procedure to your unique needs. With dermal fillers, this is something you can  do together with your facial plastic surgeon in order to achieve the right  results and a low risk of troublesome effects.

All dermal fillers are made from bio compatible materials that  carry a very low chance of allergic reaction or other complication. Even so,  you should always be open with your facial plastic surgeon about your specific  health concerns, especially any allergies you may have. There are dermal  fillers out there that can work with your unique needs, so long as you are honest  about your medical history.

Aside from allergic reactions, which are extremely minimal,  dermal fillers are not associated with any major risk factors. Some patients  may experience numbness or tingling, prolonged bruising or redness, or  unsatisfactory results. Finally, some patients are at risk for short-lived  results; while all dermal filler results are temporary, for some patients they  do not last as long as for others. This can occur and should be discussed with  your plastic surgeon. Aside from these, the treatment itself is FDA approved  and deemed safe for patients in a wide range of ages.

A Youthful Boost from Dermal Fillers

As mentioned already, dermal fillers offer a  multi-faceted approach to help patients achieve a more youthful look. Although  most of today’s top dermal fillers were created to diminish the appearance of  fine lines and wrinkles, they can also be used in other ways to fight the aging  process.  One other common effect of  aging is a loss of facial volume. As gravity takes its toll, the fat pads that  rest beneath the upper part of the face will often slide downward and collect  near the jawline and chin. Filling the wrinkles is great, but if the face looks  gaunt and tired, you won’t look very youthful and refreshed.

When dermal fillers are used to restore this lost volume,  the effect can be dramatic. Plumper cheeks or lips can round out a face nicely.  Added volume to the forehead can subtly reduce the appearance of deep worry  lines and balance the entire face. When you consult with your facial plastic surgeon about your approach, it’s important that you consider all of the factors that  are contributing to your tired, aged look and discuss the best way to treat  them. Dermal fillers offer a comprehensive method for doing just that.

Philip S. Schoenfeld, MD FACS is the founder and Medical Director of RENU in Chevy Chase, Maryland and Washington DC metropolitan area. Dr. Schoenfeld is board-certified in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery.


Achieve Instant Skin Glow with This Amazing Wine Mask

A lot of people say that having a glass of red wine a day is among the smartest things that you can do for yourself. They even go that far to say that wine is the elixir of youth and that it is a real anti-aging treatment in a bottle with delicious taste. Actually, these claims are based on facts. Wine does make you feel better and it helps your health. There are two main ways in which red wine, especially, makes you feel and look younger and healthier.

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The first way is through the regulation of your blood flow and the heart rate. Red wine will help your heart work properly and it will definitely make it healthier. The substance that is ever-present in red wine, resveratrol, prevents the blood clots from forming and it also improves on the quality of the blood vessels.

Another thing that makes wine so popular and so healthy are the numerous antioxidants that it contains. They are key elements to all the anti-aging treatments and the wine is swarming with them. Free radicals are those nasty things that play the important role in all the aging processes and all the aging related diseases. The thing with the antioxidants is that they fight off the free radicals and help you stay young.

Wine is also amazingly beneficial for your skin. Here are some recipes with which you can make sure that your skin is nice, healthy and beautiful.

Wine Mask with Honey

The best wine to use for this type of mask is port. You will need to mix some port wine with 3 teaspoons of honey. Mix them in well so that they get the density and the unity needed to be applied on your face. Clean your face and then apply the mixture of honey and port. Leave it be for 15 minutes and then wash it off with water. Honey will tone your face while the wine will do its anti-aging magic.

White Wine Face Cleaner

This is the mixture that can last in your fridge for months, but since it is so easy to prepare, make sure you always have a fresh one. Use 6 tablespoons of white wine and mix it with 3 tablespoons of vinegar and 3 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice. All you need to do with this mixture is to blend it all in very well. Once you steam your face and wash it, with all those pores opened, use the cotton pads to apply this cleaner on your face and be careful about the area around your eyes. It will keep your face fresh and clean, getting you rid of all that oily residues.

Wine and Yoghurt

As this may sound like a very odd combination, it is actually very good for oily skin. You need to use some yoghurt and mix in 3 tablespoons of red wine in it. To this mixture, you need to add a couple of drops of tea tree oil. The whole mixture needs to be homogenous and of the density that you think can stay on your face. On the clean face, put this mixture and leave it there for 20 minutes. Lukewarm water will be enough for removing it after that time.

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Aloe and Red Wine

You may be probably already using aloe Vera gel for many purposes. However, mixing it with red wine and making into a gel that will be applied on your face and left there for 15 minutes is probably a new thing for you. However, this is to be tried, since, the combination of these two substances make amazing face mask with excellent anti-aging effects.

The effects and the benefits of wine on your body and your skin, in other words, on your health and your beauty are widely famous. However, there seems to be a slight preference in these terms for the red wine. That is because it has slightly more antioxidants than, let’s say, sweet white wine. White wine is milder and gentler and that is why it can be used for those with more sensitive skin. Therefore, choose your wine accordingly.

Beauty & Skin Care Tips for Pregnant Women

PregnancyPregnancy must be one of the most beautiful and most demanding times in our lives. When you think about it, you are responsible for giving birth to another human being, you’ll soon be holding your bundle of joy, cuddling her, making sure there’s nothing in the world to harm her, taking care of her proper growth and nourishment, her education, becoming a good person… But then, there’s you with that huge belly and until the baby comes you have to deal with various things (there are happening to all the pregnant ladies out there) – major changes in hormones (which, by the way, affect every system in the body), the way you carry yourself, changes of habits, changes in health, etc.

One of the things that get affected by the change in hormones is definitely your skin. The point is not to get out of the pregnancy with damaged skin, but keep it clear, moisturised, and healthy. It’s probable you’ll have to change your regular skincare routine and adopt it to your new prego condition. Even though it sounds a bit over the top, you’ll be surprised to learn that some skincare regimens that are pretty common and used by women that aren’t pregnant, are not recommended for use by pregnant women due to safety concerns for the developing baby. Other than implementing a new way of taking care of your skin, you can add the usage of moisturiser and sunscreen to prevent stretch marks and skin spots.

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So, here are some advices that will help you keep your baby safe and keep your skin healthy.

  1. Look for changes

While pregnant, women are known to experience various changes on their skin like areas of skin discoloration, new hair growth, patches of dry skin and other unusual changes. As expected, to stay looking gorgeous, you’ll need to act quickly to correct any problems.

The moment you spot changes, consult a dermatologist. Naturally, you won’t be running to your dermatologist with tiny problems or make emergency calls just because you noticed a pimple on your chin. More serious matters, like the “mask of pregnancy” (dark facial marks), extensive hair growth on face, or other prominent changes in your facial skin are a valid reason to go see him/her.

Pregnant woman

  1. Stretch marks

Stretch marks are a pretty inevitable part of any pregnancy. It depends on your genetics and care to what extent you’ll be getting them, though. So, on one hand, you are left with praying to God that your mom didn’t give you a heavy stretch mark gene, and on the other – it’s up to you to start implement proper skin care and reduce stretch marks as much as possible. Vitamin E, and lotions and oils rich in cocoa butter and shea are great in helping with stretch mark reduction, especially if applied daily. They are easy to use – just massage them into your skin after bathing. You are also allowed to use them at times when your skin feels dry and on all parts of body you feel are stretching. Don’t apply more than three times a day, though.

Natural moisturizers reduce the amount of chemicals passing your skin barrier to your baby’s system which is why it’s highly recommended you use them.

  1. Hormones & Proper care

As mentioned, hormones are responsible for almost all changes happening to your body and skin.

Even though you may be prescribed oral and topical retinoid as well as prescription oral acne medicines, try avoid taking them. You’ll be surprised to hear that oral prescription acne medications have in most cases been linked to poor birth outcomes. Further, there has been a research conducted that indicated pregnant women using retinoid creams are potentially in health danger. Apart from acne product, some make-up products contain retinoid and salicylic acid too and could potentially pose some risk to your baby. Don’t start using any new products or continue using your regular ones without having a dermatologist or obstetrician review the ingredients in the facial cosmetics you use (for more skin care products visit new thalgo products).

Skin care

Oral skincare pills may also pose a risk to a developing baby as they contain salicylic acid and glycolic acid.

So, to control acne or promote healthy skin, it’s best you avoided taking any sort of pills. Our suggestion is to consult a physician who can recommend some good lotions, topical creams, or serums. With these, there hasn’t been any indication of them causing problems with fetal development.

Whatever you do in pregnancy, reflects your baby too. You owe it to both yourself and your little one growing inside of you to take the best possible care of your health!