7 Ways NAD+ Can Help You Age Better

The secret to aging better may be found in your cells.

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) is a coenzyme that exists in all living cells. As a vital coenzyme that every mitochondrion depends on, NAD fuels all the body’s basic functions.

When NAD levels are low (which happens with aging), it can weaken mitochondrial functions which lead to health problems.

So how do you maintain optimal NAD levels in your body? One way to do it is to take supplements that significantly increase NAD levels. By doing so, you can enjoy better overall health as you age through the following benefits.

1. Improves cellular health

As you age, you become easily fatigued which sometimes causes a lack of motivation to pursue day-to-day activities. This tiredness that your body feels reflects the damage on your cellular functions which are vital to living.

As you grow older, your NAD levels decrease by as much as 50 percent. This ruins your cells’ capacity to create energy, which leads to disease and aging. To prevent the natural decline of NAD, taking supplements help ensure that you have enough for your cells to continue functioning efficiently.

2. Boosts metabolism

In 2012, a Swiss study found that nicotinamide can help guard the body against any metabolic abnormalities caused by a high-fat diet. Taking NAD supplements generates energy within the cells and encourages the breakdown of carbohydrates. This can stop your body from filling with sugar, preventing dire metabolic conditions like diabetes.

Although NAD doesn’t lower the levels of your blood glucose, it still functions for calorie restriction. With good metabolism, you don’t have to worry about a high-fat diet which may also help you reduce your waistline.

3. Maximizes brain power

NAD is not only meant to improve cell functions, it also increases the performance of neurons and stimulates mitochondrial biogenesis. This means that your brain is healthy and able to function at an optimum level. When your brain is at its best, you’ll be more productive as you make better decisions and achieve more in life.

●      Slows down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease

A study published in 2013 by the Mount Sinai School of Medicine looks at Alzheimer’s disease in mice. It shows that with NAD treatment, the mice were able to improve cognitive function. NAD benefits the ubiquitin-proteasome system and PGC-1a function, which both play a vital role in Alzheimer’s disease.

4. Prevents hearing impairment

A 2014 study by North Carolina University claims that NAD can activate SIRT3 pathways which diminish the deterioration of neurites. This can aid in protecting individuals from noise-induced hearing loss.

The researchers were able to manage in creating noise-induced hearing loss on mice. But on the other hand, the mice which underwent treatment with NAD experienced less hearing loss.

5. Helps in muscle functions

Mitochondrial myopathy is a kind of disease where the muscle cell mitochondria are damaged. This can cause other problems such as muscle weakness. Taking NAD orally can delay myopathy progression by stopping mitochondrial abnormalities.

With improved mitochondrial function, the body will be able to rapidly restore muscle mass.

6. Reduces inflammation

The Food and Drug Authority or FDA has approved the use of nicotinamide combined with zinc and folic acid to treat a form of acne like acne rosacea — a condition that causes cysts or red bumps on the face. NAD reduces this inflammatory response which causes acne and lesions.

7. Promotes healing

Boosting NAD levels allows the body to heal itself better after an injury, especially by regenerating blood vessels. Diabetic patients who are in danger of damaging their blood vessels due to high levels of blood glucose benefit well from NAD. Without this, they are at risk for atherosclerosis, also known as the hardening of arteries.

Your cells in the body are continually running a 24-hour marathon. They need all the essential vitamins for boosting health so that they don’t easily tire out. NAD is the most important fuel you can give your cells for them to keep on going strong. Remember, stronger cells are what make a stronger, vital and youthful you no matter your chronological age.



Frank L. Jaksch Jr. is the Chief Executive Officer and a co-founder of ChromaDex. He oversees research, strategy and operations for the Company with a focus on scientific and novel products for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical markets. Mr. Jaksch earned a B.S. in Chemistry and Biology from Valparaiso University.


Common Menstrual Symptoms: Cramps Before Period

Cramps before period are very common in women. When being asked, 9 out of 10 teenage girls responds that they frequently have to suffer from cramps before period. For the mature and married women, this rate considerably reduces, particularly, only 60-70%.

Cramps before and during period cause a lot of trouble for women’s health and daily life. In addition, cramps may be one of the symptoms of dangerous gynecological diseases. The enhancement of knowledge of premenstrual syndrome including causes and treatments will help women find out an appropriate method to take care of themselves during the menstrual period.

Symptoms of cramps before period

Depending on specific situations, cramps before period will have different symptoms and levels. The girls may have various spasms of abdomen pain or dull pain. Normally, the pain does not affect the lives of women. However, in some cases, the premenstrual abdominal pain is too severe, causing the girls to sweat, pale, faint or even need medical emergencies.

The signs of menstrual cramps usually appear 24 hours before menstruation. If cramps appear one week before the menstrual period starts, you need to take notice of these symptoms.

cramps before period

Common causes of cramps before period

  1. Neurological factors

Being too sensitive to dysmenorrhea, many women still feel extremely painful and uncomfortable although they just experience mild symptoms of dysmenorrhea. This turns cramps into a nightmare of quite a lot of females.

Besides, prolonged stresses and strains also cause menstrual disorders and dysmenorrhea.

  1. Uterine dysfunction

The uterus is the organ that has a direct effect on the menstrual cycle. If the uterus develops abnormally or works in an inappropriate way, or the supply of blood to the uterus is inadequate, it is likely that women will have cramps before period.

  • Location of the uterus: If the uterus is located backward or forward too much, the blood circulation will be affected. Consequently, blood is not supplied sufficiently. This makes the uterus contract strongly, causing dysmenorrhea.
  • Uterine contractions: The contractions of the uterus in most women are the same. However, women with dysmenorrhea often have persistent uterine contractions that their body are not willing to adaptable yet. As a result, cramps before period happen.
  • Narrow cervix: the mucous membrane is sloughed, leading menstruation. If the cervix is ​​too narrow, the blood circulation and excretion of the sloughed mucous membrane will cope with some difficulties. Then, the blood will be blocked in the cervix, causing severe cramps.
  • In addition, gynecological diseases are also the causes of dysmenorrhea. Some common diseases are endometriosis, endometritis, uterine infection uterine fibroids and pelvic inflammatory disease.
  1. Inheritance

  • According to experts, the girls whose mothers often have dysmenorrhoea are more likely to have dysmenorrhoea than other ones.
  • Hormones in the body of the mother: Prostaglandin hormone is one of the causes leading to the contraction of the uterus. If your body releases too much prostaglandin, you are prone to dysmenorrhea.
  1. Other causes

  • Work for a long time in a low-temperature or high-toxic atmosphere
  • Take physical exercise and work excessively

Two common types of cramps

There are two common types of cramps: secondary dysmenorrhea and primary dysmenorrhea.

  • Secondary dysmenorrhea: cramps that occur a few days or a week before period. This state may last longer after menstruation. In most cases of secondary dysmenorrhea, women suffer from dull pain that does not bring too uncomfortable feelings.
  • Primary dysmenorrhea: cramps that occur nearly 12 hours before period. Each spasm of pain appears to be distinct, maybe stinging pain or intense pain that greatly affects the women’s life.

What should you eat when having cramps?

  • Calcium-rich foods such as kale, vegetable mustard and yogurt;
  • Foods belonging to pea family such as soybean, green bean and red bean;
  • Foods that are rich in vitamins. Particularly, vitamin E in nuts and egg yolks can help to remove bad premenstrual symptoms; vitamin B6 in potato, banana and oatmeal reduces symptoms of flatulence and improves the mood and vitamin C in lemon and grapefruit give much support to reproductive health.
  • Foods containing much zinc: pumpkin seeds, which effectively reduce cramps.
  • Pineapple contains bromelain; thus, it is effective in fighting against cramps. Besides the ability to reduce the cramps, pineapple helps reduce the growth of cancer cells because of containing the anti-inflammatory ingredient.
  • Water: drinking plenty of water is not only good for your body but it is also a useful way to relieve menstrual pain. You should drink at least 2.5 liters of water every day.

What should you not eat when having cramps?

  • Spicy and high-fat foods: Even in normal days, you should not eat these foods so much.
  • Stimulants such as beer, alcohol, carbonated drinks and coffee: these drinks will make your pain worse. Moreover, the amount of menstrual blood also flows more and more.
  • Cold foods and drinks such as crabs and snails.

Other signs before period:

  1. Chest tightness

As usual, one to two weeks before the menstrual period, you often feel that your chest becomes swollen abnormally. The pain not only occurs in the areas around the chest but also spreads to the armpits. In addition, you will see his chest hard and increase in size.

  1. Change of skin

According to experts, about three to five days before your menstrual period, your skin usually produces more oil and becomes susceptible to acne. Some women feel that their skin becomes more sensitive, itchy and bruised while some others find their faces and legs swollen in a puzzling way.

  1. Change of emotion

Before menstruation, females experience symptoms of emotional disturbances such as irritation, depression and crying. Even some of them have insomnia, anorexia and amnesia.

After a long time, these symptoms can lead to depression in women. Therefore, you are recommended to take antidepressant following the direction of your doctor to overcome your emotional disorder.

  1. Insomnia

One week before the menstrual cycle begins, the female body often falls into the deficiency of tryptophan, which is important for the quality of sleep. Therefore, before period, many females have insomnia sleep badly.

To improve this state, females should consume more tryptophan-rich foods such as turkey meat, beef and walnut.

  1. Back pain

Before the menstrual cycle, your body secretes a large number of prostaglandin hormones. This hormone causes uterine contractions, increased amniotic pressure and back pain.

However, back pain may also be a sign of spinal or other serious gynecological diseases.

  1. Increased sexual desire

Due to the effects of hormones in the body, a few days to weeks before the menstrual period, females have more demands for sex than normal.

In conclusion, in some cases, cramps before period do not cause any risks while sometimes, they drive females to potential dangers. Therefore, it is necessary to get some basic knowledge of menstruation so that you can avoid unexpected risks.

Thinking To Enroll Your Name in a Rehab Center? Here’s How You Need To Prepare!

The decision for going to a drug detox center is quite difficult, but indeed life-changing. It is a great move towards freedom and away from negativity. But as we know things are not easy for the addict, therefore, it is important for them to prep in advance for a good treatment.

Here are a few ways that will help you in preparing to go into the rehab –

Leave all Stress Before Going into Addiction Treatment

Before going for the treatment process, it is important to leave all your stress and worries. This is because during treatment your entire focus should be on yourself and recovery. In case you are stressed and thinking about family, this would disrupt your focus and you may be more prone to relapse. This is because stress is a major relapse trigger.

Bring only the Essentials to Rehab

In all luxury drug rehab centers, you are not allowed to bring all things along with you. This is because it brings reminders of home that would cause hinder in the process of recovery. Therefore, before visiting the place you need to analyze what things are important to you and what you need to bring with you. So, make sure you are focused towards your mental and physical health.

Encourage Yourself

The next step is to prepare mentally. Your family members and friends can prove to be of great help for you. They will help you in preparing yourself mentally and keep you motivated for the process.

Keep an Open Mind

The best way to make the most out of the recovery is by keeping an open mind. As discussed above it is not easy to go through the process but keeping yourself motivated and open to the process will surely benefit you. Notice your habits and your expectations so that you can ask your counselor to help you with it.

Make Good Friends

Rehab is a place where you will find people just like you. The addicts who are going through the same drug detox process and struggling with the same thing. We all know addiction of drugs is unhealthy and attack our self-esteem, consequently, brings difficulty while making new friends. Therefore, rehab is a perfect place to come over this problem and make new friends. After all, they can be your true companions as you are more or less in the same boat. All in all, this will provide you with additional support and help you recover fast.

Be Open to Speak up in a Group

Once again, low self-esteem is a common problem among drug addicts. This is because they find it difficult to speak in a group. If you are also one among those you need to remember that no one is going to make fun of you. The other people are also just as you and will definitely understand how you are feeling.

By speaking up in group sessions, you will get over this problem and get the most out of the experience. In the session, you will discuss issues that are disturbing you and hindering your way of recovery. Also, you will hear other people stories which will motivate you in a great way.

Be Patient

Last but not the least, you need to be patient. Though this is challenging yet you can gain an upper hand over it by proper practice. This is a good way to get rid of aggression that will help you in both the short and long term. In the rehab, many ways of staying patient are taught. The most common way is via means of meditation, which puts a huge positive impact on recovery.

With these above mentioned points, you must have got an idea about how to prepare yourself before enrolling your name in a rehab center. Remember you can help yourself better than anyone else. Therefore, make sure you are motivated and enthusiastic about going through the recovery process. However, remember enrolling your name in a reputed rehab center is the best way to avail quality services. Searching web is the optimal way to list down the names of the good rehabs. You must then check the reviews of the people as it will help you determine better.

Four Benefits of Dermal Fillers

When your wrinkle cream fails you, what’s your backup plan? For many  men and women who have been frustrated with the results of the aging process,  and the products that are supposed to slow it down, there is an alternative  that truly works. Dermal fillers have been getting a lot of attention lately as  a practical way to prolong your youthful good looks and  stop buying all of those expensive over-the-counter products. If you’re not  familiar with what dermal  fillers can do for you, it’s time you learned about their many impressive  benefits as a way to delay aging and fight both wrinkles and lost volume.

Say Goodbye to Recovery Time

Most facial rejuvenation procedures require downtime of  varying lengths, sometimes over a month. While those procedures have their own  benefits, many patients choose the nonsurgical alternative of dermal fillers to  get their results without a long recovery time. Dermal filler treatments are  typically under 30 minutes, involving a topical numbing agent and a few  injections wherever needed. While you may experience a small amount of redness,  bruising, or tightness near these  injections, these side effects will clear up on their own within a couple  of days. In the meantime, you won’t even be asked to take a power nap before  you get on with your day!

Say Hello to Instant Results

Another perk to the dermal filler injections is their  immediate effect. These products are designed to plump up the deflated areas  beneath wrinkles and diminish the appearance of lines and creases. They can  also be used to add volume to  your cheeks, forehead, and even your lips, wherever it may be needed to reverse  any signs of age on your face. The treatment itself is quick and simple,  leaving you with results you’ll start to notice before you even leave the room.  The full effects of your dermal filler treatment will emerge throughout the  next couple of days and you should see the final result once all the swelling  has gone down.

This quick result, combined with the no-downtime feature of  dermal fillers, makes this procedure a great choice for those who need a fast  turnaround for a special event. They are also great for men and women who have  busy lifestyles and cannot commit to long waiting times for their results to  appear and their bodies to heal.

Enjoy a Low-Risk Treatment

There’s no such thing as a procedure, surgery, or treatment  that does not carry even the slightest risk for complications. The key to  minimizing these risks is to choose a surgeon wisely and match the right  procedure to your unique needs. With dermal fillers, this is something you can  do together with your facial plastic surgeon in order to achieve the right  results and a low risk of troublesome effects.

All dermal fillers are made from bio compatible materials that  carry a very low chance of allergic reaction or other complication. Even so,  you should always be open with your facial plastic surgeon about your specific  health concerns, especially any allergies you may have. There are dermal  fillers out there that can work with your unique needs, so long as you are honest  about your medical history.

Aside from allergic reactions, which are extremely minimal,  dermal fillers are not associated with any major risk factors. Some patients  may experience numbness or tingling, prolonged bruising or redness, or  unsatisfactory results. Finally, some patients are at risk for short-lived  results; while all dermal filler results are temporary, for some patients they  do not last as long as for others. This can occur and should be discussed with  your plastic surgeon. Aside from these, the treatment itself is FDA approved  and deemed safe for patients in a wide range of ages.

A Youthful Boost from Dermal Fillers

As mentioned already, dermal fillers offer a  multi-faceted approach to help patients achieve a more youthful look. Although  most of today’s top dermal fillers were created to diminish the appearance of  fine lines and wrinkles, they can also be used in other ways to fight the aging  process.  One other common effect of  aging is a loss of facial volume. As gravity takes its toll, the fat pads that  rest beneath the upper part of the face will often slide downward and collect  near the jawline and chin. Filling the wrinkles is great, but if the face looks  gaunt and tired, you won’t look very youthful and refreshed.

When dermal fillers are used to restore this lost volume,  the effect can be dramatic. Plumper cheeks or lips can round out a face nicely.  Added volume to the forehead can subtly reduce the appearance of deep worry  lines and balance the entire face. When you consult with your facial plastic surgeon about your approach, it’s important that you consider all of the factors that  are contributing to your tired, aged look and discuss the best way to treat  them. Dermal fillers offer a comprehensive method for doing just that.

Philip S. Schoenfeld, MD FACS is the founder and Medical Director of RENU in Chevy Chase, Maryland and Washington DC metropolitan area. Dr. Schoenfeld is board-certified in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery.

5 Simple Ways You Can Use to Eliminate Bacterial Vaginosis


It is the worst problem that you have to constantly deal with the problem of vaginal odor. This is also the common problem that women all have to deal with on their daily life and regular basis. There are many reasons leading to this bacterial vaginosis such as yeast infection, sexual diseases and the worst of all, poor hygiene.

Once you find this health issues, chances are you might have to deal with redness and itching vaginal.

However, worries less for there are some natural treatments for bacterial vaginosis that help you trying to get rid of this embarrassing problems.

  1. Yogurt

This yogurt thing is completely fine and perfect when it comes to treating problems with vaginal odor. It is packed with high amount of lactobacillus bacteria, the good bacteria that works wonders in beating major factors that can help balance pH level.

The trick is super simple for you need to soak amount of yogurt into your tampon, and insert to your body. Leave it for about few hours or even one night so that it helps cleaning water. The next morning, of course, you need to rinse off well with water after that in order to get the best out of it and preventing you from getting the disease again.

  1. Change Your Panties

The one main reason that causes bacterial vaginosis mostly because of poor hygiene. Therefore, it is quite important that you need to keep your vaginal clean and healthy. This would help to prevent the most deciding factor make your sensitive region smell ugly. The tip is changing your panties regularly.

After that, you need to make sure your panties are clean right after you change them. This should help to prevent bacteria from knocking your sensitive region.

  1. Boric Acid

Quite similar to yogurt, this boric acid is packed with high amount of lactobacillus within your vaginal area. You should also need to keep it under control and also, you need to semen menstrual blood while preventing the odor. This can help to balance the affected areas pH level within the sensitive region. The key properties you need to prevent the odor is the acidic as well as antiseptic within this ingredient.

You need to insert this capsule into your vaginal area and then you should store them carefully.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

This apple cider vinegar is packed with powerful antiseptic and antibacterial properties and it would be a huge miss if you do not include this as a treatment to your vaginal. Once you apply this ingredient, it is quite similar the properties mentioned above. You should bathe yourself in this vinegar for it helps to fight against bacteria and toxins. Also, it is helps to balance acidic quality.

The tip is simple, you just need to apply all over your affected areas as well. Be patient with apple cider vinegar after few weeks and you will find satisfied result.

  1. Vitamin C

The foods with high amount of vitamin C are all good for your overall health. It is, besides, good for the health of sensitive region. The reason is that vitamin C is also regarded as powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Therefore, you should include more of vitamin C into your daily diet by foods and fruits such as orange, pomelo, strawberries.

A good way is to start your day with a cup of Citrus fruit right after your breakfast. Another best time is to eat more fruit after your meal at least one hour in order to get the best out of it.


Author’s bio: This article is written by Arial Grande – Senior Editor of Authority Remedies. She is a certified pharmacist after finishing her bachelor degree of Healthcare Management at University of Findlay. She has worked and trained in the field of Nutrition and Health for over 2 years, consistently providing people with useful information about nutrition as well as helping them with their common health problems.

Mother/Baby Bonding – How Fitness Can Be Transformative

Bonding is a special attachment formed between parents and their new baby. It’s this bond that makes parents care for and nurture their babies. Sometimes the bond can be immediate, while at other times it can take longer to form. If you don’t feel a connection with your baby yet, don’t feel guilty as it will happen in time.

Mother/Baby Bonding

Nature programmed mothers and their infants to have a fall-in-love experience through bonding. Bonding with your baby can go a long way in relieving fatigue and stress. The bonding process causes a release of endorphin that give you energy and they also make you feel happy.

One of the best ways to bond with your baby is working out. With fitness, you can have a time for yourself, which is an absolute must. In this post, we’ll talk about the importance of fitness for new mothers and how it can affect the attachment a mother has with her child.

1. Have the Best Version of You

Mothers always want to meet the needs of others, but that job can be draining, which doesn’t help you become the best version of yourself. By finding time for yourself, you can recharge and avoid breaking down. It’s an investment in your long-term health.

2. Be in Control of Emotions

As a mother, you have tough moments with your babies or kids. If you’re emotionally and physically depleted, you can’t contain your or your baby’s emotions. You’ll be drained by the end of the day.

To help you calm down and become an empathic parent, you should take good care of yourself. When you work out, you’re restoring not just your physical balance but also your mental ability. You can’t take care of your kids if you don’t find time to recharge yourself. When you replenish your emotional fuel, you can perform your job well as a mother.

3. Be Ready for the Kids All the Time

As a mother, you need to be at your best all the time so that you can take care of your kids. If you’re not well, your family will not fare well. Having “me” time isn’t selfish. It’s actually the best thing that you can do for your family. It may cause guilt and anxiety. However, after getting back from a workout or self-care session, you can get back to your job as a mother and perform it well.

What will be Restorative for You?

Keeping all the balls in the air can be demanding. It leaves you little time to have fun and have downtime. Being ready for your kids at all times can make things feel like everyday chores and cause burnout. To take a real day off, there are things that you can do.

You can hire a babysitter. If your baby is teething, let him wear a Baltic wonder amber teething necklace so that the babysitter won’t have a problem calming him down.

You can also ask your spouse to take a day off from their job and be with your family. If it’s possible, ask a family member to help you cover for a day.

Have a good workout. You can go to the gym or run one hour five days a week.

Drink a cup of coffee at a coffee shop. In here, you can relax in your sneakers while you read a fun book without having to think about your baby.

Schedule a spa day. It could be with your spouse or a close friend. The spa is very relaxing, and it can help you in re-energizing your body.

Pick a new hobby. You can take a knitting class or enroll in a cooking class. Try taekwondo if you’ve wanted to do it.

Set a fitness goal. You can set a long-term goal, like running 10 miles. It forces you to have time for practice every week. Each session will replenish you.

Take a time with your partner. You can get away together for two days. Or you can just meet for lunch in the middle of your workday. It’s a great way to focus on each other as you can have a meal sitting down.

These breaks are overlooked. The value they offer is underestimated. But you need them. Your baby needs it.

7 Best Exercises to Tone Your Body Shape At Teenage

healthy lifestyle

As a teenager, appearances are highly important; as they help you maintain your self-esteem and interact with peers. Moreover, the teen years represent the period in your life, when you will define your body shape. Before you engage yourself in tiresome workout routines, stop for a moment and check out the exercises we have gathered for you. These are easy to try out, and they can be of help as they will allow you to tone your body shape and impress everyone with your figure.


Here are 7 best exercises to tone your body shape at teenage:

#1 Squat & shoulder press

This exercise has an overall toning effect, working on the gluteus muscles, as well as on the thighs and the arms. For this exercise, stand with your feet wide apart and hold small weights in your hands. Make sure that your arms are bent and that your palms are facing in. For the next step, bend your knees and perform a squat; then, stand and raise your hands in the air (while holding the weights). Repeat the exercise 10 times for the best results.

#2 Crossover lunge

This exercise will help you work on your calves and hamstrings, having a positive effect on the gluteus muscles as well. The initial position is standing with the arms raised at the level of the shoulder (palms are going to face downwards). Make sure that your right foot crosses in front of the left one. Then, perform a gentle lunge and twist your torso towards the right. Return to the original position and repeat. Switch the legs and repeat 10 times. When done, you can satisfy your hunger with healthy anti-inflammatory foods, such as salmon, whole grains or dark leafy greens.

#3 Inchworm

By performing this exercise, you will tone your abdominal muscles, as well as the ones on the chest and arms. Begin the workout by bending forward and placing your hands on the floor, until you reach the plank position. Once you have achieved this position, perform a push-up and then return to start (just like an inchworm, hence the name). Make sure that the abdominal muscles are pulled in. Repeat 10 times.

#4 Standing lift

The standing lift is a common toning exercise, being part of the workout recommended for a healthy lifestyle at teenage and not only. This exercise will allow you to tone your oblique muscles, as well as the ones around the shoulder joint. For this exercise, you will have to stand, making sure that the left foot is in front of the right one. Then, hold weight with both hands, keeping it just above the right hip. Without twisting the torso, rotate the arms and return to the original position. Change sides and repeat (10 times).

#5 Side Plank

This exercise is perfect for toning your abs and oblique muscles, having a positive effect on the hips and thighs as well. Begin by lying on your side, with the legs extended. Support your body on the right forearm, making sure that the elbow is on the shoulder. The left hand should be on the waist. Lift your body as much as you possibly can and maintain it for half a minute. Repeat 10 times, then switch sides.

#6 Biceps curls

Biceps curls are easy to perform, and they have a wonderful toning effect on the biceps muscle. Begin this exercise by standing, with a weight in each of your hands. Make sure that the arms are extended, with the palms facing your thighs. Bring the weights to your shoulders, rotating the palms as you perform the exercise. Repeat 10 times.

#7 Kickback

This exercise is recommended for toning your back muscles, as well as the triceps muscle of the arm. Begin this exercise by standing, the right foot being in front of the left. Hold a weight in your left hand and lean, as much as you can, in the forward direction. Make sure that your back is flat and that the left elbow is bent at a straight angle. Extend your arm in the backward direction and try to lift the weight. Repeat 10 times, then switch sides.

You can easily organize a daily workout based on these exercises. Do not hesitate to maintain a healthy diet, one that includes plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as foods with anti-inflammatory properties. And, remember, it is important to drink plenty of water, to stay hydrated and eliminate toxins from your body.

Video: Top 6 Workouts to Tone Your Body

Author Bio

Margaux Diaz completed her Master’s degree in Biotechnology from the University of Southern California. She is a firm believer in the power of self-motivation and inspires others through her writing. She has been writing on Consumer Health Digest for five years now and her interest has only continued to flourish. Connect with her on Facebook Twitter and Google+

The Concept of Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) Testing in Women

Hysterosalpingogram are a form of x-ray testing, which mainly examines a woman’s Fallopian tube and uterus. It is a common test performed on women who are having a hard time getting pregnant and is one of the best tools that current medical science brings to women who are battling infertility. The test is best done after a woman’s menstruation period has finished, but prior to ovulation because this would ensure that the woman undergoing the test isn’t pregnant; having an empty bowel is recommended as well as this would lead to greater visibility of the uterus as well as other nearby structures.

Why Hysterosalpingogram Tests are Necessary

The test is very effective in identifying abnormal structures (tumors, fibroid’s, etc.) in the uterus, which are often the culprits behind constant miscarriages and other fertility issues. It is also a very potent way of examining blockages in the Fallopian tube. These blockages are often the results of scars brought about by infections in the said structure. Lastly, it is used to examine whether tubal ligation procedures were successfully executed or not.

How Hysterosalpingogram are Performed

The test is usually performed by radiologists in a clinic or hospital’s X-ray room. The equipment used are typically a radio graphic table, a display monitor, and x-ray tubes. Prior to starting, most patients are given a mild sedative to help them relax and for the uterus to refrain from cramping. They are then asked to strip from the waist down; a gown will be placed on the waist. Afterward, they are asked to lie on the examination table with their feet held up (by stirrups, usually) or knees bent, which is very similar to a gynecological exam.

Once everything is set, the doctor will insert a speculum into the vagina; this instrument gently spreads the walls of the vagina leading up to the cervix. A cannula and catheter are employed to pass through the cervix then enter the uterus. A contrast dye is then poured into the two said tubes. The dye is a good way of knowing whether the Fallopian tube is blocked or not, as it would automatically flow through the said structure and absorbed by the body if it isn’t.

The dye will cover most of the structures in need of examination such as the main cavity of the uterus and Fallopian tubes. X-ray images of the structures, using a fluoroscopy, are then shown on the display monitor. After the doctor has deemed the test complete, the speculum, cannula, and catheter are removed.

The Effectiveness of Hysterosalpingogram

X-rays have always been very effective in most forms of medical examination. Coupled with X-ray dyes and a fluoroscopy, they prove to be the best method that doctors can perform to make real-time examinations of the uterus and Fallopian tube, or any internal part of the body for that matter.

While Hysterosalpingogram testing is, at best, a safe medical procedure, women should not fully disregard its risks. One of the most obvious is the exposure to radiation (albeit in low levels only), which are known promulgators of cancer. Pain and inflammation are experienced after testing as well, though rarely. The efficacy and precision of this type of examination, though, immediately dismisses the aforementioned downsides.


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5 Effortless Ways for Flawless Skin

There are tons of tips on getting that flawless skin. Regardless of age, having that flawless complexion is a must because our ideal version of ourselves is always one of that which is pleasing to our eyes and enviable to others. But that ideal vision makes us blind and often leads us to purchase expensive products that promise to deliver flawless skin when in fact it can be achieved for free (meaning without spending a single dime).


Flawless skin can only be achieved with dedication and unfaltering self-discipline. Because although nature can aid you attain perfect beauty, it’s your passion for achieving the perfect version of yourself that will make it a possibility.

  1. Get better sleep:

Sleeping seems natural, but it’s not for everyone. There are people blessed with the power to fall instantly asleep but for most working women, those who have plenty of worries to take before shut eye and those who are cursed with insomnia, this is an impossible feat. Through sleeping your body heals itself. It regenerates what a loss is. Sleeping is highly beneficial to skin health too. Cutting hours of it is tantamount to depriving your skin the chance to be flawless. 

Counting sheep or blessings to help you sleep is a bit old fashioned. If it’s no longer effective here are new tricks to get better sleep.

  • Stick to a schedule. Your body is nature’s Thus, it succumbs to its calling (peeing, pooping and sleeping). To get a better sleep, stick to your sleeping schedule. Sleep at 10 PM and wake up at 5 AM, every single day for two weeks. Eventually, you’ll notice that your body will get used to that pattern. Embrace it and doze off.
  • Don’t sleep hungry. Don’t sleep stuffed. When you do it will be a great discomfort to your body, which will wake you up in the middle of the night.
  • Manage your stress. Being busy at work is not an excuse to not get a better night sleep. Get yourself organized and you’ll soon find yourself and the bed best buddies.
  1.  Use natural cleansers:

Cleanser is a must to get rid of the pollutants that stuck to your skin, which will ultimately cause breakouts or clogged pores, or even inflammation. But remember that as you cleanse, you must do so gently because if you use harsh chemicals it will also throw off the balance pH levels your skin requires. As a result, your skin will age faster.

Natural cleansers have the right pH levels that will keep the healthy balance of oil and acid that your skin needs. Here are the following:

  • Honey and lemon. Use 2 tsp of honey with 1 tsp of lemon juice. Apply to your skin and leave on until dry. Rinse with warm water.
  • Apple cider. Mix thoroughly one part apple cider with two parts water. Apply to your face with a cotton ball.
  • Coconut oil. Apply coconut oil to your face and neck. Massage gently for 30 seconds. Cover your face with a warm towel to open pores. Do that for 35 seconds. Then pat the oil with a washcloth.
  • Olive oil. For an effective night cream that Lightens darks spots and makes the skin smoother and clearer, mix ½ cup olive oil with ¼ cup vinegar, and ¼ cup water.
  • Apply a small amount on your skin and massage it with your fingertips. Let it absorb for two minutes and rinse it with warm water and cloth.
  1. Eat natural anti-aging foods to nurture your skin:

Botox is not the only solution to keeping you looking as young as possible. Eat blueberry pies instead. While you’re at it, take a liking to its closest cousins too: strawberries, cranberries, and raspberries. Eat them. Drink their juice.  Every single day. They have the same effects as Botox while you can also grow them in your backyard. They’re loaded with antioxidants; aging’s number one enemy.

  1.  Avoid the sun like the plague:

Sunlight is only healthy from 6am to 7:30am. Beyond that, it can already break your skin or worse can cause melanoma.

  1. Massage the face:

It is as important as the anti-aging products you use. The benefits to a proper facial massage can be experienced if done so properly. Advantages are the following: 

  • Prevents or fixes the sagging. Massage with diagonal strokes upwards to tighten skin.
  • Removes the puffiness. Light tapping motions stimulate the lymphatic system, which helps get rid of extra fluid sleeping under your facial skin.
  • Gives you young, slender neck. Massage downwards to eliminate fluid build ups.
  • Lifts eyebrows. Pinch along your brows.
  • Eliminates eye bags. Stroke from inside the sockets outwards.

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Linda Daniels @LindaDa78257508 is MA in English Literature. She is a long-time native from City, State, USA. She is a Holistic Skin Care Consultant, avid Beauty Blogger and public speaker. Her goal is to educate people about on various health conditions, diet, beauty and skin care tips, etc. She is a passionate writer and also contributing to ConsumerHealthDigest.com since 2011. Read more of her expertise on Facebook, Google+, StumbleUpon & Pinterest