5 Effortless Ways for Flawless Skin

There are tons of tips on getting that flawless skin. Regardless of age, having that flawless complexion is a must because our ideal version of ourselves is always one of that which is pleasing to our eyes and enviable to others. But that ideal vision makes us blind and often leads us to purchase expensive products that promise to deliver flawless skin when in fact it can be achieved for free (meaning without spending a single dime).


Flawless skin can only be achieved with dedication and unfaltering self-discipline. Because although nature can aid you attain perfect beauty, it’s your passion for achieving the perfect version of yourself that will make it a possibility.

  1. Get better sleep:

Sleeping seems natural, but it’s not for everyone. There are people blessed with the power to fall instantly asleep but for most working women, those who have plenty of worries to take before shut eye and those who are cursed with insomnia, this is an impossible feat. Through sleeping your body heals itself. It regenerates what a loss is. Sleeping is highly beneficial to skin health too. Cutting hours of it is tantamount to depriving your skin the chance to be flawless. 

Counting sheep or blessings to help you sleep is a bit old fashioned. If it’s no longer effective here are new tricks to get better sleep.

  • Stick to a schedule. Your body is nature’s Thus, it succumbs to its calling (peeing, pooping and sleeping). To get a better sleep, stick to your sleeping schedule. Sleep at 10 PM and wake up at 5 AM, every single day for two weeks. Eventually, you’ll notice that your body will get used to that pattern. Embrace it and doze off.
  • Don’t sleep hungry. Don’t sleep stuffed. When you do it will be a great discomfort to your body, which will wake you up in the middle of the night.
  • Manage your stress. Being busy at work is not an excuse to not get a better night sleep. Get yourself organized and you’ll soon find yourself and the bed best buddies.
  1.  Use natural cleansers:

Cleanser is a must to get rid of the pollutants that stuck to your skin, which will ultimately cause breakouts or clogged pores, or even inflammation. But remember that as you cleanse, you must do so gently because if you use harsh chemicals it will also throw off the balance pH levels your skin requires. As a result, your skin will age faster.

Natural cleansers have the right pH levels that will keep the healthy balance of oil and acid that your skin needs. Here are the following:

  • Honey and lemon. Use 2 tsp of honey with 1 tsp of lemon juice. Apply to your skin and leave on until dry. Rinse with warm water.
  • Apple cider. Mix thoroughly one part apple cider with two parts water. Apply to your face with a cotton ball.
  • Coconut oil. Apply coconut oil to your face and neck. Massage gently for 30 seconds. Cover your face with a warm towel to open pores. Do that for 35 seconds. Then pat the oil with a washcloth.
  • Olive oil. For an effective night cream that Lightens darks spots and makes the skin smoother and clearer, mix ½ cup olive oil with ¼ cup vinegar, and ¼ cup water.
  • Apply a small amount on your skin and massage it with your fingertips. Let it absorb for two minutes and rinse it with warm water and cloth.
  1. Eat natural anti-aging foods to nurture your skin:

Botox is not the only solution to keeping you looking as young as possible. Eat blueberry pies instead. While you’re at it, take a liking to its closest cousins too: strawberries, cranberries, and raspberries. Eat them. Drink their juice.  Every single day. They have the same effects as Botox while you can also grow them in your backyard. They’re loaded with antioxidants; aging’s number one enemy.

  1.  Avoid the sun like the plague:

Sunlight is only healthy from 6am to 7:30am. Beyond that, it can already break your skin or worse can cause melanoma.

  1. Massage the face:

It is as important as the anti-aging products you use. The benefits to a proper facial massage can be experienced if done so properly. Advantages are the following: 

  • Prevents or fixes the sagging. Massage with diagonal strokes upwards to tighten skin.
  • Removes the puffiness. Light tapping motions stimulate the lymphatic system, which helps get rid of extra fluid sleeping under your facial skin.
  • Gives you young, slender neck. Massage downwards to eliminate fluid build ups.
  • Lifts eyebrows. Pinch along your brows.
  • Eliminates eye bags. Stroke from inside the sockets outwards.

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Linda Daniels @LindaDa78257508 is MA in English Literature. She is a long-time native from City, State, USA. She is a Holistic Skin Care Consultant, avid Beauty Blogger and public speaker. Her goal is to educate people about on various health conditions, diet, beauty and skin care tips, etc. She is a passionate writer and also contributing to ConsumerHealthDigest.com since 2011. Read more of her expertise on Facebook, Google+, StumbleUpon & Pinterest


Achieve Instant Skin Glow with This Amazing Wine Mask

A lot of people say that having a glass of red wine a day is among the smartest things that you can do for yourself. They even go that far to say that wine is the elixir of youth and that it is a real anti-aging treatment in a bottle with delicious taste. Actually, these claims are based on facts. Wine does make you feel better and it helps your health. There are two main ways in which red wine, especially, makes you feel and look younger and healthier.

Beauty Tips

The first way is through the regulation of your blood flow and the heart rate. Red wine will help your heart work properly and it will definitely make it healthier. The substance that is ever-present in red wine, resveratrol, prevents the blood clots from forming and it also improves on the quality of the blood vessels.

Another thing that makes wine so popular and so healthy are the numerous antioxidants that it contains. They are key elements to all the anti-aging treatments and the wine is swarming with them. Free radicals are those nasty things that play the important role in all the aging processes and all the aging related diseases. The thing with the antioxidants is that they fight off the free radicals and help you stay young.

Wine is also amazingly beneficial for your skin. Here are some recipes with which you can make sure that your skin is nice, healthy and beautiful.

Wine Mask with Honey

The best wine to use for this type of mask is port. You will need to mix some port wine with 3 teaspoons of honey. Mix them in well so that they get the density and the unity needed to be applied on your face. Clean your face and then apply the mixture of honey and port. Leave it be for 15 minutes and then wash it off with water. Honey will tone your face while the wine will do its anti-aging magic.

White Wine Face Cleaner

This is the mixture that can last in your fridge for months, but since it is so easy to prepare, make sure you always have a fresh one. Use 6 tablespoons of white wine and mix it with 3 tablespoons of vinegar and 3 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice. All you need to do with this mixture is to blend it all in very well. Once you steam your face and wash it, with all those pores opened, use the cotton pads to apply this cleaner on your face and be careful about the area around your eyes. It will keep your face fresh and clean, getting you rid of all that oily residues.

Wine and Yoghurt

As this may sound like a very odd combination, it is actually very good for oily skin. You need to use some yoghurt and mix in 3 tablespoons of red wine in it. To this mixture, you need to add a couple of drops of tea tree oil. The whole mixture needs to be homogenous and of the density that you think can stay on your face. On the clean face, put this mixture and leave it there for 20 minutes. Lukewarm water will be enough for removing it after that time.

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Aloe and Red Wine

You may be probably already using aloe Vera gel for many purposes. However, mixing it with red wine and making into a gel that will be applied on your face and left there for 15 minutes is probably a new thing for you. However, this is to be tried, since, the combination of these two substances make amazing face mask with excellent anti-aging effects.

The effects and the benefits of wine on your body and your skin, in other words, on your health and your beauty are widely famous. However, there seems to be a slight preference in these terms for the red wine. That is because it has slightly more antioxidants than, let’s say, sweet white wine. White wine is milder and gentler and that is why it can be used for those with more sensitive skin. Therefore, choose your wine accordingly.

Makeup Tips Every Bride Should Know

Wedding day is a beautiful happening. Once in a life time occasion where everything is supposed to be perfect. From location, to music, food, outfit and decorations, to name a few. It all takes a lot of careful planning and usually requires a help of professionals in the organization activities. This is especially the case with makeup, since this is a process which is not nearly as easy and fast as it may seem at first thought. On the other hand, if you feel that you are the one who will create the best results on her own, there is nothing wrong with that. In both cases, there are a number of things you will have to pay attention too before hand, either to make it easier for the professional you chose, or to make sure that you do not miss anything if you are doing it yourself.

makeup 1


The most important thing you must pay attention to at all times is that you have to be and stay yourself. Looking natural is the key to success. Emphasize all the good sides and hide all the bad sides, but under no circumstance overdo anything. Look yourself, but better. You really do not want to end up asking the above question when you look at your self in the mirror or at the photographs latter.


Make a choice when emphasizing, your lips or your eyes, never both. Every other type of make up you use has to blend this initial decision. And, remember, you need to prepare your face before putting any make up. Get your eyebrows done and your skin peeled and cleaned.  Discrete powdering and elegant mascara are the way to go. And, by all means, waterproof, you never know what song, action or word may bring tears to your eyes, we are all in a special state of mind on wedding days. When it comes to your cheek bones, be delicate there also, nothing too shiny and strong, remember your initial lips or eyes choice, any other are too emphasized would ruin the proportions.

makeup 2


Having a trial is another thing that should not be missed or skipped. Schedule it a couple of weeks ahead of D day and do not rush the process. Take your time now to be sure that you will be satisfied later. Also, it is important that you pick your wedding dress or outfit before you do this trial make up and wear something in the same color while doing the trial to see how it will all blend. If you plan to tan your skin or whiten your teeth, do it also prior to the trial. Check your looks both under natural and artificial light, you have too look great regardless. This is especially important when it comes to wedding photography, since you will have photo sessions both outside and inside. With all the fuss happening that day, the number of people and things you have to think about and go through from sunrise to sunset, probably the only way you will be able to reminisce the moments is by looking at the wedding photographs in years too come, and you want to look your absolute best no matter where they had been taken.


In order for everything to look compact and natural, your neck, and your shoulders, if you dress reveals them, have to have the same complexion as your face does. Therefore, if you tanned your face during make up, apply the same shade to the rest of the uncovered area. The goal is to blend them perfectly, making them a single whole.

Make upAfter carefully going through these tips, and making the best use of them, we are certain that you will be very pleased with the outcomes, as well as how the process of putting make up became easier and faster. Remember, you have to feel as much relaxed as possible, do not force anything and remain as natural as possible. Bring out what is best about your face and do not forget to smile, no makeup in the world can compensate the lack of genuine happiness and pleasure that the wedding day brings.

Beauty & Skin Care Tips for Pregnant Women

PregnancyPregnancy must be one of the most beautiful and most demanding times in our lives. When you think about it, you are responsible for giving birth to another human being, you’ll soon be holding your bundle of joy, cuddling her, making sure there’s nothing in the world to harm her, taking care of her proper growth and nourishment, her education, becoming a good person… But then, there’s you with that huge belly and until the baby comes you have to deal with various things (there are happening to all the pregnant ladies out there) – major changes in hormones (which, by the way, affect every system in the body), the way you carry yourself, changes of habits, changes in health, etc.

One of the things that get affected by the change in hormones is definitely your skin. The point is not to get out of the pregnancy with damaged skin, but keep it clear, moisturised, and healthy. It’s probable you’ll have to change your regular skincare routine and adopt it to your new prego condition. Even though it sounds a bit over the top, you’ll be surprised to learn that some skincare regimens that are pretty common and used by women that aren’t pregnant, are not recommended for use by pregnant women due to safety concerns for the developing baby. Other than implementing a new way of taking care of your skin, you can add the usage of moisturiser and sunscreen to prevent stretch marks and skin spots.

Pregnancy Diet

So, here are some advices that will help you keep your baby safe and keep your skin healthy.

  1. Look for changes

While pregnant, women are known to experience various changes on their skin like areas of skin discoloration, new hair growth, patches of dry skin and other unusual changes. As expected, to stay looking gorgeous, you’ll need to act quickly to correct any problems.

The moment you spot changes, consult a dermatologist. Naturally, you won’t be running to your dermatologist with tiny problems or make emergency calls just because you noticed a pimple on your chin. More serious matters, like the “mask of pregnancy” (dark facial marks), extensive hair growth on face, or other prominent changes in your facial skin are a valid reason to go see him/her.

Pregnant woman

  1. Stretch marks

Stretch marks are a pretty inevitable part of any pregnancy. It depends on your genetics and care to what extent you’ll be getting them, though. So, on one hand, you are left with praying to God that your mom didn’t give you a heavy stretch mark gene, and on the other – it’s up to you to start implement proper skin care and reduce stretch marks as much as possible. Vitamin E, and lotions and oils rich in cocoa butter and shea are great in helping with stretch mark reduction, especially if applied daily. They are easy to use – just massage them into your skin after bathing. You are also allowed to use them at times when your skin feels dry and on all parts of body you feel are stretching. Don’t apply more than three times a day, though.

Natural moisturizers reduce the amount of chemicals passing your skin barrier to your baby’s system which is why it’s highly recommended you use them.

  1. Hormones & Proper care

As mentioned, hormones are responsible for almost all changes happening to your body and skin.

Even though you may be prescribed oral and topical retinoid as well as prescription oral acne medicines, try avoid taking them. You’ll be surprised to hear that oral prescription acne medications have in most cases been linked to poor birth outcomes. Further, there has been a research conducted that indicated pregnant women using retinoid creams are potentially in health danger. Apart from acne product, some make-up products contain retinoid and salicylic acid too and could potentially pose some risk to your baby. Don’t start using any new products or continue using your regular ones without having a dermatologist or obstetrician review the ingredients in the facial cosmetics you use (for more skin care products visit new thalgo products).

Skin care

Oral skincare pills may also pose a risk to a developing baby as they contain salicylic acid and glycolic acid.

So, to control acne or promote healthy skin, it’s best you avoided taking any sort of pills. Our suggestion is to consult a physician who can recommend some good lotions, topical creams, or serums. With these, there hasn’t been any indication of them causing problems with fetal development.

Whatever you do in pregnancy, reflects your baby too. You owe it to both yourself and your little one growing inside of you to take the best possible care of your health!

Get that Picture-Perfect Skin in Less Than Two Months

Perfect SkinPerfect, beautiful, and younger-looking skin—who doesn’t want that? Everybody does, and that’s primarily why print ads, television commercials, and radio spots of skin care products sell. But wait a minute. Is that really something achievable?

At a time when highly edited photos abound online, it’s all too easy to doubt the possibility of having a flawlessly beautiful skin just by using a certain brand of skin care product. After all, you may say, there’s Photoshop. Maybe so. But what if science told you that you could now skip the editing part before posting that selfie online?

Really? Of course!

You see, our skin is made up of thousands of cells that contain ceramides. Ceramides are naturally produced by our body to keep our skin beautifully hydrated. The sad thing is, as we age, our skin does too, and this affects its production of ceramides. The lower the level of these compounds in our bodies, the more wrinkles you will see in your skin.

While you could always opt to head off to your dermatologist and give your skin a lift, there is a relatively inexpensive and safer way to revitalize your appearance. Science has recently made a breakthrough in finding the best way to reverse the skin aging process naturally. Research shows that a substance called phytoceramide, a plant-derived compound similar to our skin’s ceramides, can recreate our skin’s youthful glow. Clinically proven and tested, this compound helps lock in moisture in our skin to keep it healthy and hydrated. It also serves as a protection from harmful UV rays, pollution, and stress.

Doctors and cosmetic surgeons alike give this compound a “thumbs up” for those who would like to have a natural facelift. The best part is, you don’t have to go through injections for this, and you need not worry much about the expense! Phytoceramides capsules can be taken orally and are sold at a reasonable price by BRI Nutrition.

Each bottle of BRI Phytoceramides has 30 gelatin capsules that are guaranteed pure and natural. Don’t worry, each capsule is guaranteed to speed up the anti-aging process. It contains no fillers so you can be sure that you get your money’s worth.

It’s about time that you stop worrying about sagging skin and wrinkles! Say goodbye to dry skin and fine lines in as fast as 4-6 weeks! Now you could truly fall in love with the skin you’re in.