Breast Lifting

How Breast Lifting Can Improve Your Beauty

Women are not only admired by men for their beauty, women also appreciate each other for their physical appearance. Among many of the features that are admirable about a woman, are her breasts. There are various types that a woman may be bestowed with, and there isn’t just one rule for having a beautiful upper body figure. However, one of the key attributes of any type of upper body shape includes uplifted breasts.

breast lift

Some people are born with naturally uplifted breasts, while others simply aren’t. However, there are ways of attaining this feature with a little work or even minor surgery.

Atlanta Plastic Surgery for Brilliant Uplifts

Using natural methods for breast lifting in Atlanta are considered to be the best option simply because you don’t need to undergo surgery, medication and precautions. Natural methods largely include specific exercises that only help you develop a great upper body figure, but can also improve your physical fitness.

Female breast in a bra isolated on white background

Female breast in a bra isolated on white background

Among the best methods of breast uplifting includes press-ups aka push-ups or even mild bench presses. These are applied in a variety of ways, and each is meant for a particular purpose. This can mean some hard work, and some people might not have the psychological and physical stamina to maintain an exercise routine for this. Such individuals may opt for alternatives that include surgical remedies. These are simple, but do require precautionary measures in the post-surgical stage.

An Atlanta Plastic Surgeon Gives You Great Results

Skilled cosmetic surgeons can craft proportionate breast shapes by implementing techniques that suit a woman’s needs. Breast surgery for uplifting breasts is simply called a breast lift. With this type of surgery, you can restore a firm and perky look. You can get rid of any shagginess that will make you look and feel more youthful, which in turn can propel how you feel in general.

Plastic Surgery Atlanta Services are Exactly What You Need

The method involves doing away with unnecessary skin that is stretched out, having the breast tissue reshaped, along with elevating the nipple and areola so that it protrudes more. Large and spread out areolae may also be trimmed at the time of the surgery, which enhances the overall impact of the uplift.

Here are some reasons why women opt for surgical breast lift or breast augmentation Atlanta services:

  1. Some women need to restore the shape they once had, and this may especially be after breastfeeding.
  2. Some want better contour following weight loss
  3. To relish a perky breast shape as a first time experience

Kinds of Breast Lifts

Surgeons implement a variety of incision techniques and their choice varies according to a person’s breast tissue state and how mass has to be cut away. The eventual goal of the surgery also determines the method your surgeon will opt for. Obviously, your surgeon will opt to use the method that best suits the task and one that will not leave scars.

Breast Lift Atlanta Services

Surgery is performed under general or local anesthesia in addition to intravenous sedation. The time required for the surgery is anywhere between 1-2 hours, and this depends on the type of surgery you opt for. You can leave shortly after the procedure is fulfilled. You will either need to have your breasts bandaged or use a surgical bra.

Crescent Lift:

This involves a minimum amount of scarring and is used for dealing with low levels of sagging.

“Donut” Lift:

This is also called a Peri-Areolar Lift, and it helps to deal with mild sagging, leaving a single scar

Vertical or “Lollipop” Lift:

This method is used for altering moderate levels of sagging and also offers great flexibility with reshaping.

 “Anchor” Lift:

This is also called the Inverted T, and it allows a tremendous level of reshaping and to correct advanced levels of sagging

Combining a Breast Lift Combined with Atlanta Breast Augmentation

A combination of breast uplift and augmentation is common because you may not achieve desired results with a breast lift. This is usually combined as one surgery so that you are spared additional surgery and healing time too.

Life after Uplift Surgery

You may experience some soreness and swelling, and you will need to take some prescribed pain medication. The soreness can take up to 8 weeks to disappear. You will need to lie on your back for a few weeks. You can return to work within a week or so, and this depends on the nature of your job. Breast Augmentation services by Dr. Mark Crisp-in in Atlanta can help you with the best surgery and recovery advice.


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