Become Your Own Gym Role-Model: Easy Ways to Increase Muscle Growth

girl muscle growth gym

Believe it or not, gym isn’t the (only) answer to change in your physique. There are several factors there, especially when your gym time doesn’t only involve maintaining your perfect weight but it comes down to doing something drastic to your body, like losing weight, gaining weight or increasing muscle growth.

You know that old saying “You are what you eat”? Well, it’s absolutely true! The secret to building muscle fast is in nutrition and not just any nutrition. Eating organic whole food is the key to fast muscle growth. Consuming proper meals and portion size will help your muscles grow in no time and just the right amount of exercise will top the whole thing off!


Here is what to do in order to get your diet and workout regimen started:

  1. Meals

To keep your metabolism working it is crucial to eat five meals a day, spaced out every 2.5 to 3 hours. Eating like this, you will speed up your metabolism and maintain a nitrogen positive balance for muscle growth.

  1. Protein

Complete protein in all your meals is extremely important. At a point when your nitrogen consumption level is greater than nitrogen output is when muscle growth occurs. Your workout recovery will be as fast as your nitrogen balance is great. Trainers agree that your post workout meal should be pure protein to build muscle, like tuna fish, white meat, nuts (no salt), and similar. Still, its best you consulted your personal trainer and nutritionist about the type of meats you should eat and when.

  1. Water is crucial

You’ll get nowhere if you don’t drink at least 2L of water a day. Water helps detoxication, it keeps your kidneys working, eliminates waste from your body and once purified, and the body can focus on growth and on building new muscle. Further, with a proper water intake, the body will eliminate extra fat which is also a form of waste! Some agree that drinking cold water is better for your body as your metabolism works harder to warm up that water, meaning – it burns more health.

The best source of water for fast recovery after an intense work out is definitely Kangen water, also known as alkaline water.

  1. Calorie intake

Here’s some good news: to build muscle and help its growth, you actually should increase calorie intake! Meaning, from time to time you are allowed to enjoy a slice of pizza or cake, just don’t overdo it! Plus, you should focus on eating more whole organic food. The average male portion should be 2200 calories a day, female is roughly 1300. Meaning, if you stay close to these numbers, you are just maintaining your weight. But, if you want to increase muscle growth, be free to add a minimum of 1000 calories.

  1. Lift Heavy Weights and Do Compound exercises

To build fast muscle, weight lifting is the best way to go. You should strive to do compound exercises like dead lifts, pull ups, walking lunges, squats, etc. Your body will be encouraged to build your primary muscle groups with these types of exercises. Further, your secondary muscle groups (biceps) as well as your core will be also encouraged to develop.

Still, whichever exercise you are doing, don’t overdo. You should do all exercises under your personal trainer’s supervision, at least for the first month until you learn what happens when. You should strive to do 8-12 reps max. Don’t lift more than 12 reps on each exercise.

  1. Sleep!

If you don’t sleep enough, nothing’s going to happen the way you planned it to. Your body needs time to “heal” in order to produce results. Sleep is essential for recovery, growth and repair. Eight hours of sleep is optimal for muscle growth.

  1. SupplementsProtein

Most trainers are advocates of supplements to help speed up muscle growth. There is a range of food supplements, vitamin supplements, body building supplements and other that may actually help with your overall health, physique, and muscle growth, and burning of fat… you just need to find the right one. It’s advised not to take this yourself, at least not before consulting with your trainer or a nutritionist.

If you are looking to look absolutely stunning in no time, follow through these advices, build your muscle, and perfect your physique and look amazing in no time!


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