Makeup Tips Every Bride Should Know

Wedding day is a beautiful happening. Once in a life time occasion where everything is supposed to be perfect. From location, to music, food, outfit and decorations, to name a few. It all takes a lot of careful planning and usually requires a help of professionals in the organization activities. This is especially the case with makeup, since this is a process which is not nearly as easy and fast as it may seem at first thought. On the other hand, if you feel that you are the one who will create the best results on her own, there is nothing wrong with that. In both cases, there are a number of things you will have to pay attention too before hand, either to make it easier for the professional you chose, or to make sure that you do not miss anything if you are doing it yourself.

makeup 1


The most important thing you must pay attention to at all times is that you have to be and stay yourself. Looking natural is the key to success. Emphasize all the good sides and hide all the bad sides, but under no circumstance overdo anything. Look yourself, but better. You really do not want to end up asking the above question when you look at your self in the mirror or at the photographs latter.


Make a choice when emphasizing, your lips or your eyes, never both. Every other type of make up you use has to blend this initial decision. And, remember, you need to prepare your face before putting any make up. Get your eyebrows done and your skin peeled and cleaned.  Discrete powdering and elegant mascara are the way to go. And, by all means, waterproof, you never know what song, action or word may bring tears to your eyes, we are all in a special state of mind on wedding days. When it comes to your cheek bones, be delicate there also, nothing too shiny and strong, remember your initial lips or eyes choice, any other are too emphasized would ruin the proportions.

makeup 2


Having a trial is another thing that should not be missed or skipped. Schedule it a couple of weeks ahead of D day and do not rush the process. Take your time now to be sure that you will be satisfied later. Also, it is important that you pick your wedding dress or outfit before you do this trial make up and wear something in the same color while doing the trial to see how it will all blend. If you plan to tan your skin or whiten your teeth, do it also prior to the trial. Check your looks both under natural and artificial light, you have too look great regardless. This is especially important when it comes to wedding photography, since you will have photo sessions both outside and inside. With all the fuss happening that day, the number of people and things you have to think about and go through from sunrise to sunset, probably the only way you will be able to reminisce the moments is by looking at the wedding photographs in years too come, and you want to look your absolute best no matter where they had been taken.


In order for everything to look compact and natural, your neck, and your shoulders, if you dress reveals them, have to have the same complexion as your face does. Therefore, if you tanned your face during make up, apply the same shade to the rest of the uncovered area. The goal is to blend them perfectly, making them a single whole.

Make upAfter carefully going through these tips, and making the best use of them, we are certain that you will be very pleased with the outcomes, as well as how the process of putting make up became easier and faster. Remember, you have to feel as much relaxed as possible, do not force anything and remain as natural as possible. Bring out what is best about your face and do not forget to smile, no makeup in the world can compensate the lack of genuine happiness and pleasure that the wedding day brings.


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