What to Expect During Your First Appointment with a Fertility Specialist

When a person decides to begin fertility treatments, a lot needs to be done and thought about by them. Obviously, the very first thing after a decision is made is finding one of the best infertility treatment hospitals Chennai. After that, you have to schedule the first assignment. In many instances, the nurse assigned to your case gives you a list of medical records as well as forms to fill that you need to bring during your first appointment with the fertility specialist. At times, you and your partner may be advised to get some tests done for the doctor to have results for discussion during that first visit.


Don’t go alone

Your first visit at the fertility specialist office is usually an emotional one. For this reason, you might feel excited yet scared at the same time. What is more, your partner might not be calm either regardless of how emotionally stable they have always been in other circumstances. Therefore, this is one of those occasions where two heads are better than one. What if you are pursuing pregnancy as a single person? It is advisable in such a case is to bring a close family member or a trusted friend.  Besides this, do you have another role to play during your first visit to your fertility specialist? Of course, there is: you may have many questions in your mind that you may want to have answered. Try to gather as much detail of treatment and procedure and any other concerns that you may have to keep your mind at rest before taking any treatment.


Questions to ask during your first visit

If you choose one of the best infertility treatment hospitals Chennai, the first visit will last between one hour to one hour and a half. You may wish to consider making proper use of this time and asking the right questions.

  1. Why have we had problems trying to conceive?

This is obviously a basic question that everybody usually has in mind. Based on your medical history, your fertility specialist might be able to give you an answer during your first visit. If your doctor cannot establish why based on the medical history, you will be advised to take further tests; this should not, therefore, come as a surprise.


  1. Do we need further tests? Are these tests covered by my insurance?

The response to the first part of this question will be dependent on the tests that you and your partner have already taken, the results, as well as how recently they were conducted. Additionally, if your doctor finds semen tests inconclusive, the male partner may be required to take a series of blood tests in order to assess hormone levels. Make use of the financial counselors at the fertility clinic to check what tests are covered with your insurance.

Once the cause of infertility is established, you may have questions concerning the specific treatment in question.

Other questions include

  1. What are the recommended treatments and how long they should last?
  2. What are the side effects of the treatments, if any?
  3. What are the rates of success with the recommended treatments?

Don’t be hesitant. A good fertility specialist will explain you everything before a decision is arrived at and any treatment is undertaken to ensure you are well aware and confident about the whole process.


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