Tips To Choose the Best Gynecology Hospital in Chennai

Health is wealth goes the saying, it indeed is!!! Especially for women, questions about health always keep them looking for answers in general and particularly during the time of pregnancy as she has to take care of herself and the baby growing inside of her. At this time and even at a later stage, questions on routine care, fertility, pregnancy, birth control and menopause bother her, and she needs a trusted friend who can guide her through. Most pregnancies go by uncomplicated, but there are cases where the outcome can be devastating for the mother and child alike. In cases like this, it is vital that you choose the right hospital in case any emergency occurs, and the staff is able to handle your case.

Best Gynecology Hospital

Finding the best gynaecology hospital in Chennai is an important fact for the mother-to-be as she needs to be assured that she is under the care and supervision of the best doctors and carers. At the outset, all hospitals look the same and promise the best, but the features and facilities are what makes them best or stand-out. So here we are going to give some pointers for you to help you choose your hospital.

Giving birth to your baby is nature’s natural process that takes it’s time. The most important fact is your obstetrician believes and encourages you in normal delivery and opts for a caesarean delivery only if the condition has it, as the last option. Here, also make sure your case gets consulted with another doctor to be sure the outcome is the same under both views. Remember to check these points as well:

• Your comfort level with your gynecologist
• Make sure your obstetrician has full credentials and is experienced in handling complicated deliveries
• Transparent Attitude
• Availability of NICU (Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit) and an adult ICU in case of an emergency
• Full care be available during emergencies, night hours and holidays
• Availability of a Pediatrician
• Fitness programs like yoga and aerobics for smooth pregnancy
• Courteous staff with a general attitude and friendly approach towards the mother-to-be
• Clean and Hygienic
• Availability of hot water, as the new mother is not to come in contact of cold water
• Antenatal classes

The most important fact to look at is your doctor. Make sure your doctor has at least 4 years of additional experience in fields of medical care, women’s health, reproduction and surgery. They should be capable of handling complicated pregnancies, should the need arise. Make sure your obstetrician is FMF India certified (Fetal Medicine Foundation). It is worth reading reviews about a hospital or talking to people in online communities and forums to determine the level of care the hospital provide to real patients before you choose your hospital.


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