Top 7 Tips for Moms to Stay Healthy During Pregnancy

Getting pregnant and becoming a mother is the most desired period in every woman’s life. It is one of the most satisfying, yet crucial periods for a lady. Once a woman knows she has conceived, she cannot lead a life like how she used to when she was single or was just married. A pregnant woman needs to take all the necessary steps to keep both her baby and herself healthy. She also has to eat healthy food since the nutrients required for the foetus pass from the mother’s body. That means if the mother eats healthy food, the baby also eats the same healthy stuff.

Let us go through a few tips for moms to stay healthy during pregnancy:

1. Cheese should be avoided by pregnant women by all means because it may contain some bacteria which may harm the baby. It is better for pregnant women to have cooked eggs rather than having them raw. Raw food must be avoided as much as possible during pregnancy. Some raw food items may have Toxoplasma which may cause miscarriage. Untreated milk and shellfish must also be avoided during pregnancy since they may contain contaminated bacteria which are harmful both for the mom and the baby.

2. Pregnant women should limit their exercises to some light exercises. A pregnant woman needs to strengthen her balance in order to recover fast after delivery. They can very well do the household chores. Regular exercise can help to prevent excess weight gain, to reduce pregnancy-related problems like back pain, swelling and constipation. It improves sleep, increases energy and prepares the lady for labor.

3. A pregnant woman should consult a dentist during pregnancy because the rise in hormones can cause bleeding gums and irritation.

4. It is extremely important for a pregnant lady to get a regular pre natal care. If the woman is healthy, health care providers will want to see her once in four weeks until the 28th week of pregnancy. Then consultation will be required once in two weeks till the 36th week of pregnancy. After the 36th week, the pregnant woman needs to see the doctor once in a week till delivery.

5. A pregnant woman should have a well-balanced diet which includes lean meats, fruits, vegetables, whole-grain breads and low-fat dairy product. It is crucial for a to-be-mom to get the required amount of calcium, iron and folic acid.

6. The female body undergoes many changes during pregnancy. A hormone known as relaxin is produced during pregnancy which is believed to prepare the pubic area and the cervix for childbirth. The relaxin loosens the ligaments in the body by which the pregnant woman becomes less stable and more prone to injury. Therefore, she has to be very careful in order to avoid falling.

7. Getting adequate sleep is very important during pregnancy. As the pregnancy progresses, the future-mother may find it difficult to take a comfortable position to sleep. Lying on one’s side that too on the left side helps to keep the uterus off the big blood vessels which are on the right side of the abdomen. Therefore, being very cautious during pregnancy will lead to an easy, blissful childbirth.

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