How to Handle High Risk Maternity

A good number of women are able to have easy pregnancies without any complications. However, for an unlucky few, their pregnancies are termed high-risk and, they are cautioned that the chances that their pregnancy will result in complications risking their lives, as well as the life of their infant, are extremely high.

What is a high-risk maternity?

As much as the word sounds daunting, pregnancies that are deemed high risk are those in which the mother needs to be closely monitored because there is a possibility of complications that could occur during birth. Some health conditions that the mother has, like obesity, preeclampsia, cancer, lupus, heart problems, epilepsy, rheumatoid arthritis, high blood pressure, kidney disease, asthma and diabetes could make the pregnancy high risk. There are also some infections that are considered to make a pregnancy high risk. These include syphilis, HIV, chicken pox, rubella and hepatitis C.

In general, pregnant women who are under the age of 17 years or past 35 years, those who smoke or drink heavily, those who were obese or underweight prior to pregnancy, those who have had previous miscarriages and those with multiple pregnancies have a high-risk pregnancy. Due care is also applied in cases where the foetus has been diagnosed with conditions such as Down’s syndrome.

High-risk maternity care

Because of the risk of difficulties that could endanger the life of the mother or the baby, constant monitoring for high-risk pregnancies is required. A woman with a high-risk pregnancy is certainly expected to have more prenatal visits than one with a low-risk pregnancy. Regular visits will include ultrasounds, blood pressure checks and urine tests. For this reason, it is essential to choose a hospital that specializes in high-risk pregnancies or that with a medical team which is qualified in handling the same. Maternity Chennai offer is technologically advanced, and can take care of such a situation in a proper way.

Maternity Chennai

Most hospitals in Chennai give a detailed description of the services that they offer. This makes it easy for mothers-to-be to select a hospital that they believe will best cater to their needs. Chennai has a considerable number of hospitals that specialize in offering care and maternity services to women with high-risk pregnancies. For a problem-free pregnancy, it is crucial that you get an adequate rest, eat well and follow your doctor’s orders. Enough bed rest may be required in later stages of a pregnancy. Don’t over work yourself in order not to put your pregnancy at risk.


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